Foodies on a Tandem

If it’s one thing we both love, it’s enjoying good food. I know, i know – who doesn’t, right? But we’re actually kind of obsessed with it… meals are often what we look forward to the most in our day, trying new foods during our vacations readily lead us to having 5 plus meals in a 10 hour span, and it’s not rare for one of us to stop the other mid-sentence just so we can enjoy the last bite of a dish.

It’s our passion for food that has led us to this project – a simple blog where we share our dining experiences in the Huntington area. We’re not experts or trained food critics by any means (in fact Kati asked how to spell the word “restaurant” just last week), but we see this as a fun endeavor.

Some things to note about our method:

  • Our overall goal is not to be critical, but rather to promote the local establishments that make our city unique and delicious. Not that we won’t mention snags or caveats, but the focus is to be positive.
  • Local places tend to be our favorites for several reasons: supporting them promotes entrepreneurship; frequenting them boosts the local economy far more than chains; they provide one-of-a-kind experiences; support means a lot more to them where they don’t have the national recognition and marketing chains do. This is not a knock on chains as they, too, can have hard working, passionate, and committed individuals, but you can probably find enough reviews of them elsewhere.
  • We’ll be riding our tandem bike to most of the restaurants we review. No real reason other than it’s just kinda fun.
  • Kati will handle seafood and Will will handle pork (that’s not sourced locally).
  • We’ll be picking one restaurant a month which we will visit twice in that month. This way we can try two apps, two desserts, and four entrees to highlight. Some months we may do more casual/fun topics like “best hot dog” or “battle of the brunches.”
  • Here is our rating scale (will be illustrated by a thumbnail of a bicycle):
    • 1 Tandem Bicycle – Average/Decent
    • 2 Tandem Bicycles – Good/Coming back soon
    • 3 Tandem Bicycles – Wow!/Coming back tomorrow
    • 4 Tandem Bicycles – Amazing!/Can i eat the other customers’ leftovers?
    • 5 Tandem Bicycles – Huntington Legend/We are bowing to you

Enjoy, share, and dig in!

kati and will


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